The Kamuela Philharmonic Orchestra Society
P.O. Box 6682, Kamuela, HI 96743

Kaori Mitani, 808-896-2153

27. August 2008


The Kamuela Philharmonic Orchestra, under the direction of its music director and conductor Dr. Madeline F Schatz, opens its 2008-2009 concert season at the Kahilu Theatre in Waimea on the Big Island on Sunday, September 21 at 4pm. The orchestra is entering its fifth full season and, as always, admission is free and early arrival is recommended in order to procure a seat for the event. The September 21 concert will feature two works by Ludwig van Beethoven: his Leonore Overture #3 and his Symphony #3 (“Eroica”). Both works were premiered within one year of each other.

Although Beethoven wrote only one opera (Fidelio) he composed four overtures for the work. His dramatic penchant and championing of the oppressed is showcased in this drama depicting the story of a woman (Leonore) who disguises herself as a man (Fidelio) in order to enter a prison where her husband (Florestan) is imprisoned unjustly. She searches for, and rescues him along with the other downtrodden men who have been kept in the jail. Three of the four overtures were named Leonore 1, 2 and 3. The one that Beethoven actually assigned to the opera carries the title name of the opera, Fidelio.

The “Eroica” Symphony was going to be dedicated to Napoleon Bonaparte and called the “Bonaparte Symphony.” Beethoven was, initially, enamored of Napoleon because of Napoleon’s desire to radically reform Europe. When the general crowned himself emperor, however, Beethoven experienced great disappointment and erased Napoleon’s name from the manuscript. Instead he dedicated it to “… celebrate the memory of a great man.”

More important than the connection to Napoleon, however, is the influence the symphony had on all symphonies consequently written. It is twice the length of any symphony written before 1804 and was much more musically and technically complex.

The Kamuela Philharmonic Orchestra Society is a 501©(3) organization and donations are gladly accepted before or after the concert. For more information call Joel Gimpel at 325-4991.

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